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In order to participate in the First Friday Art Fair all artists must register online by sending an email to Artists must be signed up, and have an assigned spot to be covered by our event permit. Artists are permitted to have a six-foot table or a three-panel display and a chair but no booths, tents or food are allowed. Artists are invited to participate for free. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

The following form must be filled out and submitted to be registered for other First Friday events.

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Interested in:

Galley Show (10 To 15+ Pieces Of Framed Art)
Coffee Shop Show (10 To 15+ Pieces Of Framed Art)
Restaurant Display (5 To 10+ Pieces Of Framed Art)
Merchant Shop Display (5 To 7 Pieces Of Art)
Bank Display (5 To 10 Pieces Of Art)
First Friday Streetfest (Table Or Display Screen, No Tents)